What Would Be the Impact of a New F1 Points Structure?

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July 19, 2018
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What Would Be the Impact of a New F1 Points Structure?

What Might the Changes Be?

F1 is prone to shake-ups and changes to rules. In fact, the rules regarding cars change practically every season, and it’s something the racers, teams and fans are used to. This time the main suggestion on the table is that points are extended to either 15 or 20 finishers rather than the first ten that are awarded points at the moment. The discussions have been taking place at Liberty Media, the US company that took over the Formula One Group in 2017.


As generous as the proposal of an extension to points for cars lower in the race appears, it must be remembered that teams have to pay FIA for every point they win. In a report by Wheels 24, it’s been revealed that the F1 drivers themselves are less than happy about the proposals. Racers such as Fernando Alonso have claimed that the changes will take some of the magic out of the sport. As far as he is concerned, when a lesser-known team or driver gains a ‘miracle point’ by coming 9th or 10th, it’s major moment in their career. Handing out points across the board for those that finished 10th to 15th or even lower would take that miracle away. Even medium-ranked drivers such as Charles Leclerc for Team Sauber agrees – for him when he does get the point for coming in the top ten, then it’s truly special.

With such opposition from drivers, it’s looking unlikely that these point changes will be implemented, especially within the 2018 season, although changes within a season are not unheard of. The F1 2018 World Championship currently sees Ferrari and Vettel heading up the rankings. The championship culminates in Abu Dhabi this November, and without a doubt the best way to enjoy the event is to book a place at the F1 Paddock Club Abu Dhabi via https://edgeglobalevents.com/f1-paddock-club/f1-paddock-club-abu-dhabi/.

One thing we know is that in the world of F1 racing anything is possible. This points shake-up may not come this season, but if it ever does, would awarding points for lower-achieving teams actually reward them? The jury is most certainly out.

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