Ways to Make Your Money Stretch and Expand into the Future

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Ways to Make Your Money Stretch and Expand into the Future


“Your money is your business and your identity and your life. You can’t live without. How are you going to buy all the things you need without your glorious money? If you are struggling to keep this money and find that it keeps slipping through your fingers like pasta water through the colander, then you really need to think about some of your best practices and figure out ways to keep that money instead of not keeping it. You have to chance your practices and that can be difficult to do if you are stubborn, which you probably are. But here are a few things you can do that will really help watch those dollars stack up because you are no longer throwing them away on everything.

Espresso Machine


Sure we all know how much you love stopping in to the coffee shop and ordering your espresso drinks, like those lattes and mochachinos and the Americanos that you feel you need in order to make it through the end of the day. But we’re here to tell you that that really adds up and you can save a ton of that spending money by making your espresso drinks at home. A decent espresso maker might run you about $50, or say, 12 drinks at Starbucks. Then the grounds are going to be much cheaper too. Not only will you save money starting by week 3, but you will be learning a new skill and perfecting something that is really an art form that you can get into. When you host friends and family you will be able to impress them with your great barista skills. It’ll save money and be fun all at the same time.

Download Movies and Music


It’s funny when someone asks where I watched some movie or Tv show, was it on netflix or hulu? i don’t remember the last time i watched either of those streaming services. Pretty much all movies and Tv shows are now available on free streaming sites around the internet and the idea of paying a monthly fee is ridiculous. There’s just no need. These sites have many quality options, too, for different connection speeds. There’s simply no reason to pay anything per month. It’ll be interesting how netflix and HBO and the like go into the future as more and more younger folks take to the internet and stop with the monthly costs of these services. Are they going to follow suit of their brick and mortar past relatives like Blockbuster? We think so!

Drive a Nice But Slightly Used Car


You do not need to buy a new car fresh off the lot, that’s a great way to throw your money into the jet stream and watch it blow away, likely to China. If you go to Nissan dealership Temecula and ask them about their one-year old models, you’ll be impressed not only at how modern and new they look, but at the significant drop in price that you’ll see. We were at the Metro Nissan Redlands and almost bought all of their cars they were so cheap.

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