The Ultimate Swimming Road Trip

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January 20, 2016
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The Ultimate Swimming Road Trip

Swimming Road Trip

Taking a road trip often invokes images of a dusty, rural road. While this may be the ideal for some, you should definitely consider building a road trip around great swimming holes and beaches.

Here are three great suggestions:

1: Santa Monica Beach, California

Dying to try out Route 66? Check out the Western terminus in Santa Monica, California. This great beach town has come a long way since Route 66 opened up, but it still carries a lot of charm as well. The beach is one of the most phenomenal aspects. Get out and stretch your legs along the fantastic miles-long bike and walking path, or walk through the water on the pristine beaches. You can also go for a stroll on the pier and play skiball, ride the ferris wheel, or play other games. Santa Monica has ample entertainment- and there’s also the ocean to jump into whenever you get too warm.

2: Lake Michigan

Taking a northern road trip? If you are looking for a great swim break, why not try a Great Lake itself? How many people can say they have been swimming in one of the Great Lakes? You can actually see these lakes from space- so next time you are looking at a satellite image of the earth, you can say that you swam there!

3: A frozen pond

Now, I know what you are thinking. Frozen ponds are often seen as treacherous and no-go territory. Be sure you have friends around, just in case. It also would help if you know the property owner and have their advice on the best place to enter and exit the water. There is nothing like jumping into a frozen pond on a warm winter day. All the better if there is a sauna nearby.

Next time you are on a road trip, make sure to include a couple of swimming breaks and your road trippin’ apparel from Last Call. Those long days in the saddle will feel so much better knowing there is a great swim spot coming up down the road.

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