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October 25, 2017
Honda SH125
Honda SH125 Vehicle Review
December 2, 2017

Taking a Second Look at the Honda SH125

Honda SH125

Continental European bikers have eaten the Honda SH125 up, and it looks like the modified 2009 scooter is going to really start to pick up in the United Kingdom. Riders who are looking for extremely economical models that feature the absolute best fuel economy possible will want to get a full-sized 125cc motorcycle with a manual transmission. The SH is hard to beat when it comes to convenience, and the automatic shift is a big part of that.

Originally, the SH125 outsold nearly every other model in its class in Europe even if many British riders thought that the larger wheels were an issue. Many people in the UK read a specific New Honda Bikes review that warned about those 16-inch wheels. Nevertheless, they actually provide additional stability and make for a much better ride compared to a scooter with tiny drivers.

The 2009 model added a rear disc brake. By replacing the original drum brake, Honda made their bike look much sleeker. A focus on new rounded sleek lines seemed to define every other change they made in that year too.

This makes sense because the original SH was heavily criticized for looking extremely weird. Discrete curves also help to improve how aerodynamic the newer bike is compared to the original SH. Elegant sweeping lines were added to the rear of Honda’s 2009 entry in the hopes of giving it a more futuristic touch.

Honda’s engineers didn’t alter the frame or the transmission because the pickup ratio was already really smooth. This smooth curve makes it particularly easy to perform certain turns. Vibration is almost totally gone in this model.

While they claim that the SH produces low emissions, it can be rather hard to tell if this is true. Honda’s own figures are rather vague. For instance, they report 97 mpg as a fuel consumption statistic but don’t mention whether that’s a highway or city measurement.

There’s a Honda SH125 review on the Internet that claims around 85 mpg is normal. Overall, this is certainly an improvement compared to most other scooters. Check out Motoden for more reviews of the hottest vehicles on two wheels.

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