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August 25, 2017
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Great Reasons for Restoring Old Cars

Restoring a vintage car is a dynamic way for mechanics and those who are car tinkerers to spend productive hours doing what they are good at. Others restore old cars for a living and have a ball doing it. So it all really depends on the reason you want to restore and old car.

At the present time, and for that matter in most cases, convertibles are a good choice. Hardtops and trucks in the market, with a low production rate, are another good car restoration option. Let’s face it, it’s really all based on popularity! Popularity controls the inventory and demand. The less the type of car you select or want to renovate exists in the auto market, the more the chances will be that the value of that car will rise with time.

Whether you keep the renovated car for a while, or sell it right after you are done, is up to you. As time goes by many cars that were built in a different era will be replaced by newer ones and that’s when you can step in and perhaps make your profit. Remember there are always car enthusiasts looking for the next best looking sedan. Some want to show it off to their friends and family, others want to impress and look chic! The good thing is there’s always a demand for a spiffy looking, restored, old jalopy.

The Weekend Adventure

You can always restore a car so that you’ll be able to drive it around town on weekends or sell it and make a good profit. Keeping costs down is a big challenge and also the most important thing to take into consideration when restoring an old car. Doesn’t matter if you bought the car at a good price, the economics have to work out. Your restoration project should not exceed the value of the price you spent to purchase that old car. Otherwise, it will be a loss in dollars.

If a car is one of a kind, then it should definitely be refurbished and restored. You’re looking for a return on your investment. The best thing is to do-it-yourself while having fun in doing so. Take your time and spend hour researching the details of the car; the make and year, the color- scheme, the mechanical functions and systems, including other more specific details that are particular to the car you’re going to be working on.

Here are a few steps to follow before you begin your project:

1) Consulting with mechanics and people who have renovated cars previously is a must.

2) These individuals will give you the best tips.

3) They may even help you out, if you partner with them.

4) Gather as many details as possible on the car you’re renovating.

5) Try to locate an “Owner’s Manual” for more information.

6) Get to know the parts of the car inside and out.

7) Once you are more familiar with the car in general, then you can start.

8) Replace any parts that are old, missing, or broken.

9) Repaint the exterior with a fresh coat of paint that matches the year and model.

10) Make sure the upholstery is clean and the cloth or leather is not worn out or torn.

Replace the fabric or leather or vinyl that’s damaged. An alternative could be to cover the seats. Find a safe way to clean the motor and under the hood and look at the trunk; replace the spare if it’s old. Make sure the wheels and tires are up to par. Pay attention to the condition of the windows, glass, mirrors, dash and carpeting. If any of those items need to be replaced or fixed, get the best estimates for the parts before ordering them by phone or online.

Some cars have a sentimental value, so many car restoration enthusiasts decide to forgo the economics because the renovation value will, in most cases, exceed the true market value of the car.

A Family Keepsake

There are times when an automobile has been in the family for a long time and is considered to be a family keepsake. In cases like that, it may be wise to consult with an older family member to find out what they think about your renovation ideas.

At other times, the car you purchased may be a car you’ve always wanted for yourself; a sort of gift that you’ve been thinking about and that you now deserve. You may also want to purchase a car that you’ve always wanted, but weren’t able to afford in the past. This is the time to do it. It could become your favorite hobby; fiddling with this car on a regular basis and never having to sell it. Every week you can work on one part of the car and that could be entertaining; the renovation can even last for a while.

Collectors on the other hand, will inspect all components of that restored car making sure it has the genuine trim-tag and proper trim combination. The engine size is also important and plays a huge role in the value of a restored car. The numbers should all match with the original engine and drivetrain. How good of a condition is the transmission? Is the water pump and radiator new? These are all questions that will be asked of you by the buyer. Most vintage car buyers are very savvy and that’s a large factor in attracting the right buyer; a person who knows what he wants and also knows how much he’s willing to pay.

In some cases, there are those who only like to purchase a car that needs to be restored. If that is you, then you must educate yourself and find your mechanic or old car restoration expert who will be getting involved in the renovation and restoration of your automobile. The important thing is to familiarize yourself with the vintage car market. Go visit old car auctions and preview a variety of different cars with different makes, models and sizes.

Anyone who’s restored a vintage car will tell you it’s a task that’s mostly undertaken for love and not for money. Always remember that! There may be many challenges that you may experience, but ask yourself is it worth your time and is this something you really want to do? Some hobbyists become addicted after a while, and as mentioned earlier, you can make it into a career if you really put yourself to it. This may be your true chance to enter into a phenomenal money making venture.

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