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Monroe Shock Absorbers to Improve Your Ride

Monroe Shock

After driving your car for tens of thousands of miles, you will start to feel your car is less comfortable than before especially when on rough surfaces. Your car probably needs new shock absorbers.  Shock absorbers reduce the effect of the bounce from a bump from the wheel to the occupants. They seek to eliminate the bounce to give the car riders a comfortable ride.  They also keep your tires on the road as well as reduce the wear and tear brought about b bumps and shakes on your car parts. Among the most common shocks in cars today are the Monroe shock absorbers.  Their shocks are popular due to their handling and durability.

Key features

  1. The Monroe shocks have been with us for some time now and they continue to gain popularity. The Monroe Reflex shock absorber is a common part that is widely used in the country. They have the following features:
  2. They come with Impact Sensor Technology which senses acceleration to improve handling.
  3. They are specially tuned with Fluon banded piston
  4. The Impact Sensor will sense a bump on the road and it automatically alerts the shock to be ready for a heavy landing which enhances car control when on bumpy roads.
  5. They are long lasing and hard wearing
  6. They are easy to install. People with some experience around fixing cars can replace Monroe shocks without having to call the mechanic.
  7. Some models come with own bolts and nuts for convenience.
  8. Extensive coverage in stores and online.
  9. Great handling whether driving on paved highways or off-road.

Your shocks will need replacing usually after about 60,000 miles, or when the car has more than three bounces after hitting a bump, or when you notice leaks on the shocks or when you notice excessive rolling when turning or braking.

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