The London Motorcycle School Is For Bikers of Any Skill Level
March 19, 2019

London’s Best Motorcycle Training

If you want to avoid traffic jams and experience a new and different side of the capital, a motorcycle is the answer. Riding a bike to work means no more overcrowded and stuffy Tube journeys and no more having to be careful of tourists who seem to have just too much luggage. A motorcycle really does give you a sense of freedom and has several other benefits too; it isn’t too fanciful to compare riding a bike to riding a horse.

If you catch the bus or Tube to work each day, you know how expensive those travel cards are, and most of us don’t get our full value from them. Having a motorcycle puts an end to the high price of travel cards.

And you may notice your blood pressure is a lot lower too if you start commuting to and from work on a bike instead of battling the crowds on the Tube or in your car. Parking is a lot easier and you can fit into those smaller spaces where a car can’t go, and you can also feel good that you are playing your small part in helping the environment. It’s a lot better for the environment when you ride a bike to work rather than a car with its much larger capacity petrol tank and its larger carbon footprint.

If you don’t have any real motorcycle training London boasts one of the most respected and successful bike training centres. Anyone who wants to learn how to ride a motorbike safely and with confidence should contact the London Motorcycle School, which has the expertise of the well known scooter and motorcycle store of Motoden and Scooterden behind it. The facility also has full Driving Standard Agency authorization.

The central London school teaches bike riders to handle their machine in a variety of conditions, meaning that when you finish the course you can tackle a busy London street with confidence, or ride in the rain without any difficulty. The emphasis is on teaching you everything you need to know to be a safe rider and to be able to handle just about any situation that bike riding in London may throw at you.

Don’t worry about the cost of bike hire, gloves and a helmet, or insurance as all of these essentials are included in the course fee, as is VAT. Pay as you go courses help to make the payment process as easy as possible.

For more on motorcycle training In London, contact the school today.

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