Keep Alert While Driving with These Popular Car Apps for Ipad

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August 25, 2015
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August 25, 2015

Keep Alert While Driving with These Popular Car Apps for Ipad

automotive locksmith

The security of your car is just as important as that of your home. Vehicle owners have realized this and nowadays, many of them are opting for car-oriented mobile security applications. New applications get launched on a daily basis and many of them are available for free!

automotive locksmith

There are still many problems that apps cannot solve. Should you lose your Transponder key or get locked out of the car – you will still have to call an automotive locksmith, but car apps make it more convenient and safer to drive.

In this article, we’ll be looking at 4 of the most popular car security apps for iPad and how they impact a driver’s alertness on the road.


The Vlingo has “Siri” voice-power support that helps you travel safely, without distractions. With this application, a driver can make calls to contacts saved in his phonebook, dictate messages that the application will display and record, detect current locations, perform online searches and connect to Facebook or Twitter accounts. The Vlingo has a convenient interface and is very easy to use.


The trapster is an intelligent map-based app that sends you alerts when you’ve exceeded the speed limit. It also notifies about accidents on the road, traffic jams, red-light cameras and other “traps”. This app comes in 6 different languages, it’s voice based and has 9 voice themes.

Google Place

Google Places

Google Places is a map-based application that facilities navigation and makes your driving experience more comfortable, by helping to find places you’re planning to visit. The app will assist in finding restaurants, shops, hotels, gas station and ATMs in no time. Google Places also provides customers with direct contact information, opening hours and customer reviews of the establishments they’re interested in finding.

Anti-Sleep Pilot

The Anti-Sleep Pilot is one of the most useful security apps for iPad and is a very handy tool for those who spend a lot of time behind the wheel, or have to drive frequently at night. This application is not cheap, but it can literally save your life, by keeping you abreast of what’s happening while driving.

It’s a very intelligent application – it can trace your fatigue level, by registering your reactions. In addition, it offers a series of tests that you have to do (obligatory) while driving. These tests range from pop ups to large buttons that must be pressed and more.

The Anti-Sleep Pilot assesses your fatigue level after you update your personal profile, before starting the engine. It will calculate your recommended stops, so that you can take a rest-stop for a few minutes.


There you have it! The aforementioned apps are some of the most popular nowadays, but there are many more of them. If you have read this article and none of these 4 applications seems to be capable of fulfilling your individual needs, it’s strongly recommended that you do a slightly deeper research. Chances are that the perfect app that can make your own driving experience much nicer and safer is just a couple of clicks away!

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