How to Handle a Car Breakdown in the Middle of the Road

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May 26, 2017
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July 20, 2017

How to Handle a Car Breakdown in the Middle of the Road


While you are on the road, you never know what can happen, there are many sharp objects that can cause you a flat tire, your car battery can die on you for no reason, or you detour and miscalculate the amount of fuel you have. When you end up in these situations, contact Roadside Response for roadside assistance in Melbourne in order to quickly solve your situation.

However, when you do end up for a car breakdown, you should know what to do in that situation, handle it calmly, and make it safe for both the upcoming traffic, your passengers, and of course, yourself.

First things are first

Before you even end up in an unfortunate situation of a car malfunction, you should prepare a couple of items that can come in handy whether you are traveling alone or in a group. Packing a first aid kit can always help if someone gets injured, and preventing minor wounds can sometimes save a life in extreme situations.

You should also try to keep some spare water in your trunk because if your car breaks down and you end up stranded on the road, staying hydrated is very important. It will slow down the way your body goes into fatigue, and it will keep you calm during the situation.

Besides some water, you should reserve space in your trunk for some road triangles, because if you end up stranded at night with a car, placing the triangles a couple of meters from your vehicle will help the upcoming traffic notice that there is something ahead that they should look after.


Warning incoming traffic is important while having a breakdown

Now that you are pre-prepared, what do you do?

One of the most common issues that drivers end up with while on the road is a flat tire. There are many reasons why you can get a flat tire, such as having too much oxygen in your tires causing them to eventually pop, driving over an object that can cause the problem, or your tires are simply old thus they end up flat during the road.

In this situation, your car will still stay somewhat drivable, so it is important that you get your car to the side of the road where you can avoid the upcoming traffic. Once you are there, you should stay inside the car and call the roadside assistance and inform them about your situation.  Then, all you have to do is stay in your car and wait for a team of professionals to come to your aid and change your tire.

However, even if a flat tire is one of the most common issues, there are also some other ones that can happen, and when they do, your car will not be drivable. In such situations, you should immediately attempt to turn on your hazard lights so that the nearby traffic can see you. After that, call your roadside assistance service so you can receive further instructions on what to do depending on the situation.


Once the professionals arrive you will soon get back on the road

Final word

Sometimes the team of professionals that comes to your aid will not be able to make your car drivable again, and so they will have to tow it to the nearest mechanic for a quick fix. Some roadside assistance companies offer the towing services, and you can find the best offer car towing in Melbourne by Roadside Response.

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