How to Beat the Cold and Make It Through the Polar Vortex on the Cheap

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How to Beat the Cold and Make It Through the Polar Vortex on the Cheap


“Brr, the mighty arctic winds come plummeting down to us here in the States. It seems like each year, this polar vortex thing is more and more present and more and more real. Unfortunately, minimal research shows that it is not a fluke and is instead here to stay. So we can sit inside and post to Facebook about how miserable we are in this terrible cold, or we can figure out a way to make due, make it through, and not spend a ton of money doing it. It’s up to us to live in this new world, a world where even in the south it gets terrifyingly cold. Here are some things you can do to help keep costs low while making it through these wintery arctic blasts.

Wear Many Layers

The simplest and most cost effective thing you can do is easy. What makes us cold is the temperature being lower, right? And the thing that costs money is making the inside temperature higher, right? So what if you reduce the temperature that is needed indoors to be comfortable? The way to do that is to wear layers inside, and hats or at least hoods. You’ll want to wear at least two pairs of socks, sometimes three, and nice fuzzy slippers. Long johns are fantastic and very comfortable. Same with sweatshirts and fuzzy Russian hats. Throw all that on and you will find that you can keep the inside temperature lower than you might otherwise do.

Collect Wood

Another great way to beat the cold and keep costs low is to collect wood from your neighborhood and nearby forests and use that as fuel to keep that wood burning furnace raging all winter. You can buy cords of wood, but you can also rent a truck or van from and make a day of it, gathering a ton of wood. If you make a bunch of trips, filling it up each time and dumping all the wood in your back yard, you may find that you can get a lot of fuel for that fireplace for just the cost of that rental. And if you check it out at, you’ll see that cost is quite low already!

Stay In One Room


You can try to keep the whole house comfortable all winter long, but that is definitely going to cost you. You might think about closing some rooms off, shutting them down for the season, so that you aren’t heating the back closet or other places that you rarely use. It’s a bit of a sacrifice, sure, but when you see the savings (or that your costs are not increasing too much), you’ll be thankful that you made that decision. Maybe there’s a pantry, or an unused back room or bedroom in your house. You might be able to close the heating vent to those places, and that hot air will be redirected to places where you might actually be.”

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