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October 27, 2015
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How to Age More Gracefully Than Your Peers


As we age, things start to change. The hairs on our heads either thin or turn grey and brittle, and our body aches more than it used to. Remember when you could run around and play and the next day not feel any different, but now when you do anything even remotely resembling physical activity, you feel in for weeks. It’s sad but it’s the new reality. So as we go into our next years, we can either do so gracefully or we can go kicking and screaming. It’s sad to see the ones who go kicking and screaming. They start using BoTox or other ways of trying to cheat aging, which only compounds the issues and makes them worse. Only a small nose job or things of that nature can be done in a way that isn’t blatantly obvious. So here’s some tips on aging gracefully.

Work With What You Got


Here’s the thing: if you try to do something that isn’t you it’s going to compound the issues and make you more of a mess than you were to start with. For example, say your hair is thinning. What you do not want to do is try to comb over your side hair – hair does not flow perpendicularly like that. No one will be fooled, and your big bald head will be no secret. Do you think Captain Picard would have been captain of the Enterprise if he’d tried to comb over his hair? No, he embraced his hair loss and so can and should you. If you have that male pattern baldness, let it be. Let it happen. Who cares. Who are you trying to impress. Just be yourself and let your true self show. Sure sometimes it takes getting used to, but it’s much better and shows greater confidence if you embrace it as opposed to attempt to hide it and fool no one.

Don’t Drive a Crazy Car


An often committed mistake is to try to drive a car that shows how cool you are, when all it does is show what a loser you are. The Ford Mustang is designed for this exact purpose. No one who actually drives a Mustang (a new one, not a cool old one) is actually cool. The frame of mind one would have to have in order to actually drive one shows you are not aging gracefully or even living gracefully. So you want to get something more practical, like a nice Dodge Ram from RAM Riverside. Now if you go crazy and head to the OC Ram Truck Center and get one of the crazy souped up ones, then you’re just like a Mustang driver. But if you get a good conservative pick up truck, you’re doing it right.

Get a Dog


Get a dog. A nice friendly man’s best friend type of dog. Then you’ll have companionship, and the kind you won’t have to try too hard to impress. And you’ll show the world and yourself that you have your priorities in the right order and place.

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