How Brokers Knock Down the Car Shipping Prices

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August 18, 2017
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August 29, 2017

How Brokers Knock Down the Car Shipping Prices

Whenever in need of vehicle transport services, tech-savvy customers prefer searching for carriers and drivers online themselves. Most are 100% convinced that direct deals for the lowest price are the way to go. They consider the best way to save on car shipping costs is to avoid a broker fee. However, this thinking is not always beneficial because skillful agents negotiate with a diverse group of drivers from multiple companies in an effort to keep hauling expenses down for your vehicle, and many others, traveling along the same route.

Broker Benefits

Each vehicle transport is unique, and first-timers often spend many hours online searching for a carrier, and on the phone negotiating with a driver, without being aware of all the risks. Meanwhile, the experienced car shipping brokers at MoveWheels know the market and therefore very accurately know the right price for your situation. They have access to a pool of independent drivers across the country that have been hired by our company. Together this partnership enables us to make the best deals for our customers.

Our agents always get favorable shipping quotes for you due to

  1. their professional expertise and trusted driver partnerships;
  2. use of specialized database tracking software;
  3. real-time market monitoring of available carriers and opportunities.

They always know the real-time vehicle transport rates, and have access to a wide assortment of listings and offers. That’s why they can negotiate with drivers to keep the prices down and prevent any unfair practices. Competition in the auto delivery industry is very intense, so carriers are interested in partnering with trusted brokers for a steady supply of business opportunities. Meanwhile, brokers handle dozens of specific shipping offers daily, so they are always matching reliable drivers with an affordable price.

Our agents use special, task-oriented software to scan for unique opportunities in the market. This information, and all the companies doing business, are not fully available to the general public. We maintain a database of reliable carriers and our experienced brokers can quickly respond with a very reasonable shipping quote that meets your requirements. Additionally, we handle all of the necessary paperwork

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