Honda SH125
Taking a Second Look at the Honda SH125
November 11, 2017
A Review of The Honda sh125
January 2, 2018

Honda SH125 Vehicle Review

Honda SH125

The Honda SH125 has been a hot seller throughout Europe, and the revamped 2009 hybrid is expected to be equally popular in the United Kingdom. If you’re looking for an economical motorbike, opt for the 125cc with gears instead of an auto transmission model that consumes a lot of power. With its smooth riding and convenience, the Honda SH125 is likely to be a great sell.

Upon its release, the original SH125 model outsold nearly every other motorbike in Europe. While many UK bikers were apprehensive about the model’s large 16 inch wheels, this concern proved to be overblown, as the large wheels improved the bike’s stability and ride quality, compared to smaller models. Other improvements over the 2009 model include the addition of a rear disc brake instead of a drum which was made mainly for aesthetic reasons.

Although the original SH125 was considered a success, it received a lot of criticism for its unusual appearance, which lead to the significant revamps made in the latest model. The visage of the new model looks sleeker and smoother with more understated curves and the new bodywork on the rear is more elegant with its sweeping lines, giving the SH a more sophisticated look.

The transmission, frame and engine on the new model remain unaltered, helping the bike to maintain its smooth power pick up. Maneuvering through traffic and making sharp U turns is relatively simple and the vibration has been virtually eliminated, giving the vehicle overall strong performance.

Honda has stated that the SH125 offers buyers great efficiency and emission control; however, the data supplied by New Honda BikesĀ is rather vague, making it difficult to get a true assessment of efficiency. While fuel consumption is believed to be approximately 97mpg, no conditions or speed have been specified to back up this statistic. One Honda SH125 review posted online stated that 85mpg is possible with stop and start riding on city roads and full speed in the countryside, which is a more believable estimate.

With Honda’s known manufacturing quality and dependability, the SH125 is superior to many other scooters on the market. To test drive yours, visit Motoden today to experience the latest scooters and motorbikes.

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