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August 25, 2015
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Car Security Systems: How to Choose

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Car thefts happen everywhere and every day. Though it’s not possible for us to foresee a car theft, there’s something that can be done to prevent it—installing high-quality, reliable security systems.

automotive locksmith

For this reason, car owners shop around for the best alarm system that can ensure maximum protection. Car alarm systems are categorized into different types: stolen car tracker, vehicle immobilizers, and theft deterrents.

The choice of security system depends on your vehicle type, budget and other criteria. Hiring a qualified automotive locksmith may also be necessary, if you don’t like to browse through long lists of different (yet so similar!) products and prefer to have a consultation with a specialist instead.

Below we’ll explore the most popular types of car security systems:

Car Theft Deterrents

Popular car theft deterrents include window etching, car alarms, decals, locks for steering wheels tire deflators, and others. Some of these devices are very common and low-cost, while others offer high-tech options.  Car alarms and LED indicators are perfect to scare off potential thieves, while a steering lock will make it difficult for them to make a move.

A good car theft deterrent is the “Keyless Entry Viper Responder 350” system. It is equipped with dome light supervision and a blue LED indicator. The Viper Responder 350 has everything you need to secure your vehicle, including a Double Guard Shock Sensor, a clone safe, a keyless entry option, a light flash for easy parking and much more.

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Stolen Car Trackers

These tools monitor the location of a stolen vehicle. The newer models of vehicles come with a stolen car tracker, which can be activated right away, once the car gets stolen.

Vehicle Immobilizers

A car immobilizer prevents a thief from starting your car. Sure, they’ll be able to get inside, but the car will not be going anywhere, unless it’s towed. These devices are created in a way that hinder thieves by means of kill switches, cut-offs, spark or fuel disablers, and others.

The newer model vehicles now come with a transponder system, which makes it impossible to steal your car unless the thief has the owner’s car key.

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How to Choose a Car Alarm System

Here are a few details that you should pay attention to, when you choose a car alarm system –


Owner’s manual– car security system installation requires the use of an owner’s manual that can be understood by the casual user. If the instructions are not clear, you’ll have problems when trying to install the security system on your own and you’ll have to hire a professional to do it instead.

Available features and options – The basic features you’ll need in a good security system include remote starting, lock and window control and driver’s door unlock priority.  More advanced and pricier systems offer more options, but they are not exactly compulsory and many drivers don’t have an urge to use anything else but the basic options.

Sensors– the majority of car alarm systems just have door sensors, while others can detect movement and even pressure. The more advanced types of car security systems can identify thieves when they get close to the car.

Sirens– obvious, isn’t it? The louder and more annoying a siren sounds – the worse for the thief (the better for you!).

If you’re having troubles with your vehicle’s security system or would like to get one installed by a specialist, a good automotive locksmith should be able to help. Search for a reliable technician in your area, make sure that he is licensed and qualified and get a car security system installed as soon as you can!

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