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Azerbaijan Brings Betting Back to Euro’s F1


The European Grand Prix is finally back to the F1 world since its hiatus in 2013. This year, the event rolls into Azerbaijan on June 19th, taking place on the Baku City Circuit. With the Grand Prix back in Europe and loads of skilled drivers taking to the tracks, it’s no wonder betting fans are eagerly looking to place their bets on this exciting event. But, how can one predict what’s to come from June 19th’s race? Let’s have a look at some key factors about the Baku City Circuit and the drivers that are taking to the streets in the coming week.

Baku City Circuit, Azerbaijan

The Baku City Circuit, designed by track architect Hermann Tiike, is considered by many to be the fastest track of the season. Tiike’s goal was to design a track that would solidify Azerbaijan’s position in the F1 circuit, showcasing the capital city of Baku and the challenging nature of the track itself. The result is a track that is both fast and challenging and, one that highlights Baku’s beautiful urban environment. The race is expected to be quite the spectacle for fans, far and wide.

All Bets Are On

The interesting part about Baku’s race is that it will be a new one for every driver on the tracks. This has taken F1 betting to a whole new level, prompting fans to predict solely on drivers’ skills and the strengths of the machines they drive. In fact, those betting at williamhill sports are having to face some serious considerations before banking on a driver or a team. Here are some top considerations to look at when betting on this year’s European Grand Prix:

  • Mercedes Remains Strong: Lewis Hamilton maintains his stance as a champion driver in the F1 world, continuing to beat even the most enthusiastic of newcomers to the tracks this year. Just last month, Hamilton took 1st place in Monaco’s Grand Prix and just recently won the same in Montreal this week. With one of the strongest engines in motor racing today, Hamilton is a sure bet for winning the race in Baku.
  • Red Bull is Hungry to Win: The motorsports world is abuzz over Daniel Ricciardo, Red Bull’s skilled and charismatic driver. He just took second place behind Hamilton in Monaco and has proven to be particularly skilled on challenging circuits. With a 3rd place seat in the Drivers’ Championship, the Australian driver is a solid contender for 1st place in this year’s race in Azerbaijan.

Considering the immensity of the track at large, and the potency of the drivers behind their respective wheels, the European Grand Prix is set to be an incredibly thrilling race. It’s no wonder fans are eager to see results for the upcoming races, hoping for a glimpse into what might come of Baku City’s race the following week. Whatever the case may be, this year’s European Grand Prix will have us all glued to our screens and our bets.

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