Honda SH125
Honda SH125 Vehicle Review
December 2, 2017
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February 9, 2018

A Review of The Honda sh125


The original version of the honda sh125 is very popular and sold very well in Europe. The same can be said for its hybrid version which was released in 2009. For those who prefer economical versions then the proper 125cc motorbike is the best option due to its gears. However, the SH is the best option to get convenience and easy riding.

The original version of the honda sh125 beat all the other models sold in Europe. Although some bikers were apprehensive about the 16-inch wheels, they proved to be better than smaller wheels as they offer superior ride quality and stability.

From the 2009 model, other adjustments were mainly made with aesthetics value in mind. For example, including a disc brake at the back of the machine instead of the drum. Other than offer aesthetic appeal, this change was also a solution to the defunct stopper.

Another critic on the original machine was its bizarre appearance, this issue has been addressed. The visage looks much sleeker with the discrete curves. To add sophistication to the honda sh125, its rear is an elegant and sweeping line.

Power pick up in the machine is very smooth, which may be due to the unaltered frame, engine and transmission. The smooth pick up makes it easy to make U-turns and traffic trickle. Performance is stronger and any vibration is eliminated.

According to Honda, honda sh125 provides efficiency and has good emission figures. However, their statistics are rather vague thus making it difficult to draw conclusions from. For example, fuel consumption is said to be 97mpg but the statistics report does not include the speeds thus conclusions can’t be drawn.

One of the honda sh125 review online stated that its fuel consumption can reach up to 85mpg when at full speed at countryside roads or start/stop town rides which are more believable.

The build of the honda sh125 has made it more efficient and superior as compared to many of the scooters available in the market. By checking the honda sh125 review by many people, you will identify what makes the machine the best option.

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