5 Automobile Maintenance Tips That Beginners Must Know

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March 29, 2017
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5 Automobile Maintenance Tips That Beginners Must Know


Do you just have a new car? Every car owner certainly wants to take care of their car with some good treatments so it will last longer. But, some of them, especially who just own a car for the first time, are lack of knowledge about this matter. They do not know what treatments they ought to give to their vehicle. In that case, we have prepared 5 automobile maintenance tips which all beginners can follow. Later we will also recommend one service station which can offer amazing repair services to you.

  1. Change the Oil Regularly

Change oil regularly is one of the automobile maintenance tips you must always keep in mind. Oil is, indeed, a very vital thing to every car. Oil has an important role in decreasing internal friction in the engine. If you never change it at all, you will hear some noises inside your car while driving. If you let it be, the components of the engine will be worn out fast. So, it is better to always change it everytime your car goes through 3000 to 5000 miles. There are several types of oil you can use, which are semi synthetic, full synthetic, and diesel oil. If you need a better protection toward the engine, we suggest you to use full synthetic. It may be more expensive than the others, but it will save you money from other mechanical issues.

  1. Check the Tires

The second tips is to check your car tires. It will be the best for you if you can check it before going to somewhere. What you need to see here is the pressure as well as the thickness. You also have to ensure that there is no punctures. This examination aims to prevent you from traffic accident which might be fatal to your life. Related to the first point, if you can keep changing your oil, it will help rotating the tires. This will enhance their life span too so you do not have to replace them so soon.

  1. Examine the Radiator

Another automobile maintenance tips you must not forget is examining the radiator. The function of this part is to make sure the temperature of car engines stays cool. It is important not to let the radiator empty. Otherwise, your vehicle will become overheat. Not only is it bad for your car, but also dangerous to you. Hence, you must check the water inside it. Always refill it so it can perform really well as a coolant. One thing you need to remember in refilling is to do it with clean water. If you do not check the sanitation, the dirt in the water will be piling up and clog the coolant channel.

  1. Clean the Carburetor

Did you find it difficult to start up your car? Then dirty carburetor filter can be the cause. It is easy to clean this part. You only need to brush the crust and dirt sticked at the filter simply with a toothbrush. Please do not use hairdryer or even compressor in this task. There is a risk of damaging the layer of the carburetor filter. If it is still not working after you cleanse it, then you can bring the car to a technician.

  1. Spur Your Car

If our car engine has been used for a long period of time, it usually creates some crusts on several components. There is one easy solution you can do to remove it. You can ocassionally spur your car by stepping on the gas more than usual. This will remove the crust and dispose it through the exhaust. But, please watch out for your surrounding when you want to try this part.

Champs Family Automotive

If the automobile maintenance tips above are too difficult to do by yourself, you can go to Champs Family Automotive. This service station is full of professional technicians certified with ASE. They can do car repair either domestic or import vehicles. They are even capable of fixing RV and fleet. And of course they can do the five tasks we mentioned before for you. To visit them, you can find their place in Surprise and Goodyear, Arizona. You can also install their app via Google Play Store or App Store.

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