4 Popular and Effective Car Alarm Systems

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4 Popular and Effective Car Alarm Systems


The sound of an alarm is quite obvious and very annoying. Loud sirens disturbing the silence in the middle of the night are not unusual nowadays, they have become a common soundtrack for the city. Most of us just ignore them and keep sleeping. While it may be irritating, it shows that car alarm is a very important tool, as it would stay silent if someone wasn’t trying to tamper with the vehicle.


Protecting your vehicle from theft and other threats is very important. Most car owners are now seeking the best type of car alarm system, for maximum protection.  If you’re looking for an effective car alarm system or would like to get it installed, a professional automotive locksmith can assist.

The choice of car alarm system usually depends on the buyer’s needs, priorities and the amount of money that he is ready to invest in such a device. Below are some of the most widely used types of car alarm systems.

Directed Avital LCD

The Avital LCD system comes with a full set of options, which are vital for the protection of your vehicle. Its basic features comprise of keyless entry mode, remote start option and shock sensors. These sensors will trigger the 6-siren alarm system the very moment someone tries to touch the car’s door handles, break a window or scratch the car. The owner’s LCD remote will show the exact spot on the vehicle that is exposed to damage.

The Keyless Entry Viper Responder 350


Image by Viper

The Viper Responder has all the security features to protect your car from theft and vandalism. It offers a three-way protection and such features as a keyless entry option, a clone safe, a Double Guard Shock sensor, code hopping and a light flash for easy parking. With all these features, your car is fully equipped to protect itself, even if you are far away from it.

Additionally, the Viper Responder 350 has a dome light supervision and a blue LED indicator, which makes it possible for users to check how safe the vehicle is anytime.

Remote Start and HD-Color 2-way Pager Viper 5904-V Car Alarm

Viper is one of the most popular and trusted brands of security systems on the market. Viper 5904-V model has many features that differ from what most other alarm systems have to offer. Its features include an HD color two-way pager and a remote start. Both of them have a tremendous impact on the car’s security. This system is very easy to install and charge. It can be controlled through its rather user-friendly 2-way HD color pager and 5-button remote.

Remote Start Python 5303P Security System

Image by Python

Image by Python

The Start Python 5303P is a solid choice for anyone who’s looking for an affordable, yet reliable car alarm system. The system is equipped with a 4-button remote, which allows users to adjust the settings according to their current needs, plus an additional 2-way LCD remote.

The Python 5303P offers a remote start option and keyless entry, plus displays the current status of the vehicle, (such as doors being unlocked and the temperature inside the car).

There you have it! 4 of the best car alarm systems available on the market today. These systems successfully serve the needs of most drivers in the USA. Keep in mind that there are many other types of car alarm systems, so if the most popular ones don’t cover all your needs, it would be a good idea to consult with a professional locksmith or a local security systems seller, in order to find our which one fits your needs best.

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